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Watch These Fascinating Perpetual Motion Machines

Perpetual Motion is a pipe dream. So far, we’ve had zero success creating machines capable of putting out more energy than they take in, and what’s even worse is that science tells us perpetual motion would probably break the 1st or 2nd law of thermodynamics.


Image source: www.knowledgefordummies.tumblr.com

So what is perpetual motion, exactly? In laymen’s terms, it’s an energy source that never stops putting out energy. Imagine a windmill that never stops spinning, even if the wind isn’t blowing, or a train on a loop that never, ever stops moving.

Gravity, friction, and inertia have prevented science from creating a workable perpetual motion engine, although many in the field are still optimistic (if a little crazy). It’s kind of like the dream of Anti-Gravity: in some circles, it’s a possibility, but in reality, it’s just the works of science fiction.

The video below demonstrates inventor’s attempts of the centuries to create a working perpetual motion machine. Some of these will last for hours, even days, but will never function forever.

If science were ever to crack the code and design a perpetual energy machine, it would drastically affect the way we understand and harness energy. While we’re much closer to creating nuclear fusion, which is a similar concept to perpetual motion, it likely won’t happen in our lifetimes.

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