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There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

Image source: Cloud – satellite add on by Richard Clarkson

Clouds on a sunny day are striking in their own right, but there is something about a storm cloud filled to its blurred edges and about to burst that is captivating. Emitting its internal rainstorm and fabricating its own sound to go along with the production is quite an impressive feat.

Clouds and thunderstorms are often alluring themes for artists, architects and designers, often replicated in their creations.

For example, the residential Cloud House is a sunny version of the sky decoration. Also, interior lighting designs like the Cloudy lamp and innovative and futuristic concepts like Passing Cloud and Head in the Clouds Pavilion are imaginary productions.

Another sky inspired creation designed by Richard Clarkson titled Smart Cloud is more than just a light fixture, but also offers an interactive experience.

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

This project evolved into a cumulus cloud that recreates an on-demand  thunderstorm, complete with a stormy symphony of flashing and crashing and visual entertaining.

Check out the Cloud in action:

The Cloud operates as a lamp with changeable colors and brightness adjustment including a nightlight mode.

The onset of a storm can be controlled by remote or motion sensors can be activated for movement induced cloudbursts. As seen in the above video, it also has a setting to make it responsive to music.

There’s Something About Thunderstorms… There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

It also works as a fully functional speaker system capable of streaming and is compatible with Bluetooth technology. The speakers are surrounded by hypoallergenic fiberfill felting and a protective sponge material.

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

From the designer:

“Advances in physical computing and interaction design hardware over recent years have created a new breed of smart objects, which are gaining more and more traction in the design world”.

It must be nice to be able to afford a fluffy piece of fully functional smart art in your living space. For the rest of us, the neat images will have to be entertaining enough.

There’s Something About Thunderstorms…

All images are via Richard Clarkson.

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