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The CampStove – Portable, Efficient and Smart

While there exist many solar-feed beacons to provide efficient light and heat whilst indulging in the great outdoors, their productivity is often compromised when you need them most – as the sun sails vastly beneath the horizon and you find yourself shrouded in darkness.

The CampStove, created by Biolite, is fueled by biomass, which is easily comprised of common woodland trimmings.

These include twigs, wood pellets, and pine-cones. Such sources are abundantly scattered throughout woods and yards, and, as they require no tree chopping or other harmful practices, are considered renewable.

Once trimmings are collected, they can be placed in the fuel chamber of the stove and ignited with a lighter.

The heat from the flames is then converted into thermoelectric energy, which in turn powers a fan, making for a very efficient fire.

The fire from the stove can be used just as a traditional campfire would: keeping you warm during cool nights beneath the stars, used to roast treats and small meals, and acting as a hearth, around which memories are made.

Additionally, the electricity generated from the heat can be used as an off-grid power charger for your USB-compatible gadgets, such as Smartphones, as well as LED lights.

The CampStove is the equivalent in size to the average water bottle, allowing for single-hand portability. Its tripod-like legs allow it to mount many terrains with ease and can fold in, making the most of compact storage.

Conventional alternatives require the use of fossil fuels and solar chargers, meaning long hours of sunlight are needed. Because the CampStove is neither solar nor fossil fuel powered, it can be used day or night and does not create fuel canister waste. It is also cheaper than conventional options, with a total ownership cost of 129 dollars, compared to an average of 316 dollars for a five-year ownership.

To top it all off, the CampStove can be upgraded with the addition of a portable grill, which attaches to the top of the stove. Thus, lending its hot grates to cook food of a larger size or quantity.

Aside from adding convenience to camping trips and cozy evening spent in the backyard, the CampStove also provides aid during power-outages and natural disasters. Currently, the CampStove is being used to bring renewable heat and energy to families of the developing world.

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