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The Scanadu Scout: A real-life Tricorder

Scanadu Scout

Image source: www.scanadu.com

Star Trek fans, Third-World medical doctors, and fans of awesome gadgets–rejoice! A real-life, working “tricorder” has just been created, and will change the medical world as we know it.

Currently, we use an amalgamation of tools and devices to diagnose patients and ourselves. In underdeveloped nations, access to these types of technologies is expensive and impractical, as sanitation methods are pitifully laughable.

In the fictional Star Trek television show, space-age doctors used a tool called a “tricorder” to diagnose patients in seconds, and without touching them, no less. The medical world has never created anything similar, and had made little to no attempts to do so. Thus, it was up to the private sector to innovate where billion-dollar corporations could not.

Scanadu, a small medical firm with a skeletal amount of staffers, took to the internet to see their dream become reality. Launching a public campaign on the crowdfunding website IndieGogo, the Scanadu Scout quickly reached its funding goal, and then some.

Essentially, the Scout is a tiny device that connects via bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet, etc. The operator (School nurse, EMT, worried mother, etc) holds the Scout up to the patient’s head, and within seconds receives a detailed analysis of their respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, and more.

It’s an all-in-one diagnosing tool, and can be had for the extremely affordable price of $199. It’s in clinical trials right now, to be used by medical practitioners the world over, as well as the homefront. There are so many incredible uses for this nifty tool that we’ll likely hear more about it as it comes closer to launching to the public. However, its ability to function as a low-cost replacement to dirty old tools used in 3rd-world countries makes it absolutely worth it.

Correctly diagnosing patients is a priority in matters of life and death, and the Scanadu Scout makes that possible where other tools have not.

At $199 bucks a pop, I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t carry one of these around with them.

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