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The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

Riding the city bus may soon have an added visual perk. This  ride certainly has bystanders taking a second look.

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

Complete with its own ecosystem, this living roof design is courtesy of landscape artist Marc Grañén.

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

According to the artist the Phyto Kinetic bus design is a practical way to utilize unexpected but effectual places for garden plots. Making use of the natural photosynthesis process and noting the importance of  purifying the airspace, especially in highly polluted inner cities where there are often more concrete landscapes than green ones, mobile gardens are a unique solution.

Here’s how the story began:

Check out the installation process and take a ride:

The design was actually co-developed with the help of his children, as noted in an interview in Urban Gardens. Employing their creativity in the process seems to have paid off.

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

The Phyto Kinetic system is designed to also work with any roof, and is capable of placement around items like antennas and other existing vehicle roof structures. The concept has also recently been planted on top of a van.

The Phyto Kinetic Bus Offers A Green Ride

The rooftop of the vehicle is specially sealed, making it waterproof and leak resistant. The air conditioner’s condensation is re-routed to help dampen the plants, and a stainless steel grid system circulates the water on the roof so it does not require constant watering in hotter months.

The foliage is grown in a lightweight hydroponic foam, and colorful sedum plants help to capture the sunlight and keep the temperature on the roof more stable. After examining how the temperature on the roof compared to a standard bus, it was found that it was actually 3.5° cooler.

The artist suggests that the project could be further developed, and that cities could implement the same notion and plant local landscapes of herbs, grasses and other plants on different modes of transportation. The idea has even received the attention of university professors interested in the Phyto Kintetic design and potentially using it in other venues for viable and sustainable city gardens.

Who knows, possibly someday bus riders will also be able to grab a bag of arugula or some fresh herbs with along with their bus ticket.

All images via Urban Gardens and PhytoKinetic.net.

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