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Like To Bike?

If a 2-wheeled ride is your thing, these practical pathways may be of interest. The following trails with a kick are giving an update to the old school bike path.

First, from Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans, this lustrously presented lane is located in Nuenen, Netherlands. Called the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path, it offers a lane of entertaining space just begging to be trekked on.

The illuminated track is a nod to the world famous painting, The Starry Night from artist Vincent van Gogh, who reportedly resided in the area during the years of 1883 to 1885.

Like To Bike?

The pattern looks neat during the daytime, but the artful surface becomes even more so when it is lit up in the evening by way of a specialized luminescent, chargeable paint and glow in the dark stones. Also, LED lights contained inside the path’s floor are driven by a neighboring solar power system and help to emit a bit of extra light.

Like To Bike? Like To Bike? Like To Bike?

Similar to some of the studio’s other projects, like Smart Highways, this public path provides a safe, energy efficient means for bike and pedestrian travel.

Above images are via Studio Roosegaarde.

Like To Bike?

Image source: wikimedia.org; van Gogh’s The Starry Night

Another great idea for biking is the SolaRoad pathway. It also utilizes energy harvesting, converting sunlight into energy that can be used for other power applications.

SolaRoad also employs solar cells, which are embedded in the path, to absorb sunlight and transfer it into useable energy.

Like To Bike?

The SolaRoad is made from slabs that consist of an initial layer of translucent tempered glass. This surface has a non-skid texture, and under this rests layers of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Like To Bike?

A pilot roadway is currently installed near Krommenie in the province of Noord-Holland, Netherlands, and is actually capable of generating enough electricity for up to 3 houses.

Like To Bike?

One larger future goal of this project aims for providing power for other functions, like street and traffic lights, charging electric vehicles and more widespread household use.

Above images are via SolaRoad.

These platforms are interesting concepts, and will likely lead to new ideas for other sustainable public travel operations.

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