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The iPhone Charger with a Built-In Battery

The iPhone Charger with a Built-In Battery

Image source: fluxmob.com

One way to make sure you never miss a cell phone call or a photo opportunity or the chance to play Angry Birds at the spur of the moment is by carrying your charger, as well as a backup battery for your smartphone with you wherever you go. And with this portable USB charger, the Bolt, you get both in one small package.

It’s billed as “the world’s smallest portable iPhone USB wall charger”, and it can not only charge up your phone, but because it’s combined with a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable backup battery, can also be used for powering your phone on demand.

“It is the world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger combined. It is designed to replace the standard wall charger for any phone as well as charge your mobile device, anywhere. This makes BOLT a true grab and go solution.” – Bolt

The Bolt charges the internal battery while it’s also topping off your iPhone, so when you’re ready to unplug from the wall outlet, you can throw the device in your bag and hit the road, knowing you’ve got at least one (and probably two) extra charges for your phone with you.

The specs of the Bolt:

  • Dimensions 70mm x 34mm x 28mm (2.75″ x 1.33″ x 1.10″)
  • Samsung 3000mAh battery that’s good for two full charges with most smartphones
  • CE, RoHS, and FCC Certifiable
  • Smooth rubberized finish in three color options
  • Four blue battery indicator LEDs
  • One green status LED
  • Subtle chamfered edges add to the sleek design

The Bolt had a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer, and will be shipping this November, at a price of just $60.

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