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The Revolutionary Future Of E-Ink

E-Ink is a technology widely implemented and made popular by Amazon’s line of e-readers during the early 2000’s, with the Kindle Paperwhite being their latest model. The idea behind E-Ink is that computer displays can be created super cheap, super thin, and super energy-efficient (that’s a lot of “supers”!).

Since the creation of computer screens, the industry has placed a major emphasis on creating “thin and light” displays. Just a couple of months ago, LG announced that they’d designed the world’s thinnest 1080p display, and at 2.2mm thin, it’s pretty incredible.


Image source: www.gizmodo.com

Unfortunately, it’s not E-Ink, because quite frankly, the technology is still at least a decade away. Right now, E-Ink can only display black and white, which keeps with the screen’s low-energy usage and cost. In the future however, it’s easy to see a great many uses for E-Ink beyond the e-reader industry, as displayed by the video below:

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