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Spray-On Clothing: The Future Of Fabric

Spray sunblock, spray tans, and mosquito spray; these are just a few of the summer items we’ve grown accustomed to. Get ready to add spray-on clothing to that list, as it’s soon to become a reality.

It might sound like something from a Hollywood movie, though much of the next-generation technology we’ve seen recently appears to have been created as a direct result of science fiction’s imagination. Spray-on clothing is just another one of those things you’ll eventually say, “Well, of course they invented spray-on clothing! Duh!”


Image source: www.wired.com

The first inkling of this tech was reported a few years ago, when the idea was in its nascent stages. Now it seems like the company behind the buzz, Fabrican, is getting ready to take the show on the road. Their first mainstream application? Using the spray to create fabric for automobile and airplane seat covers.

It sounds boring, sure, but all great things have small beginnings. The technology has such amazing potential, especially considering that the ingredients in the spray are natural and decomposable, meaning you can throw away any shirt, dress, undergarment, etc that you create, and not feel guilty about trashing the environment.


Image source: www.fabricanltd.com

Essentially, the spray acts like an aerosol can. It’s sterile, secure, and works much in the same way silly-string functions. That’s actually where the Fabrican’s creator, Dr. Manel Torres (shown in these pictures applying the spray), first got the idea to manufacture sprayable clothing.

The garments, while created from a bottle, can still be washed like regular clothing. Other uses for the fabric bottle include a first-aid kit, vaccine against illness, nicotine patch, and even an oil spill cleanup tool.


Image source: www.trendland.com

Torres imagines the first commercial applications being instant-clothing booths on street corners, where people can walk up and create whatever type of garment they desire. Torres also suggests that future iterations of the spray will include fragrances.

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