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A Bookless Library?

A bookless library; what will I read?

The first public, bookless library is set to open this fall in San Antonio, Texas.

The new book-free library, called “BiblioTech,” is intended to open in the fall an\[d is part of an entire bookless public library system planned for the entire county of Bexar (Texas). You do not have to take your own device. The library will actually lend out e-readers (of an unspecified brand) for two weeks at a time. It will be all computers and e-readers.

Academic libraries have been experimenting with libraries with a lot fewer books for a while now, but San Antonio is the first to attempt to go completely without books. Judge Nelson Wolff, the man behind the plan, is optimistic, despite the possible problems with theft. Although Wolff has a personal collection of over 1,000 first editions for himself, he said he was inspired by Apple founder Steve Jobs’ biography to lead people to a bookless library type of world.

The plan will cost $250,000 just for the 10,000 titles they’re planning to start with. They’ll need further funding for the design of the library, staff, possible copyright issues that may present themselves down the road, and yes, possible device theft.

“It’s not a replacement for the (city) library system, it’s an enhancement,” Wolff told the San Antonio Express.

What happens to all of the e-waste? I wonder if the e-readers would be kept in circulation based on their life span since they will more than likely be used more often. The life of an e-book may be shorter than a personally owned e-book.

And if books can be outdated, so can e-books in a society that makes something bigger and better every year. They should also consider how the e-books are dealt with when they break and if there will be a person hired to be an onsite repair man.

Lastly, Wolff has not stated how the e-books will be disposed of and replaced at end of life.

Is this something you’d like to see in your town?

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