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Tesla Swaps Batteries in Just 90 Seconds

Tesla Swaps Batteries in Just 90 Seconds

Image source: TeslaMotors.com

For those prospective electric car owners who exhibit range anxiety or have charge time angst, Tesla just blew away those worries with their recent battery swap event, where they demonstrated an extremely quick battery swap for their Model S.

In less than the half the time it takes to fill up a gas tank, Tesla Model S owners could drive away from a Supercharger station with a full battery pack, thanks to the new quick-swap setup.

According to Forbes, the fast-swapping service will be offered at about the same price that 15 gallons of gasoline is selling for locally, which could be anywhere from $60 – $80. Once owners have swapped out their battery, they can either keep that battery pack and be billed for the difference between the original and the new one, or have your original battery pack returned to you (for a fee).

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