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Tesla Expands Electric Car Supercharger Network in U.S.

Driving an electric car long distances is about to get a little easier, thanks to the announcement that Tesla is expanding its Supercharger network to cover additional areas across the U.S.

Not too long ago, owning an electric car was somewhat of an oddity, and held plenty of challenges for drivers, not the least of which was the question of where to charge it up when not near their own garage or home.

But now we’re starting to see a wider adoption of electric vehicles, including the iconic Tesla Model S, which is getting infrastructure support from the company with an expanded public charging network.

The Tesla Superchargers are said to be the fastest charging stations on the planet, capable of adding 150 miles to the range of a Tesla Model S with just 30 minutes of charge time, and are completely free for Tesla owners.

Right now, there are only nine locations online, but the recent announcement from Tesla states that additional stations will become active over the next couple of months:

“We will be adding Supercharger coverage in many areas over the next three to four months, installing our first Superchargers in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Illinois, and Florida with additional coverage in the Northeast and California. We’re also expanding existing locations like Harris Ranch, where we’re adding five more Superchargers in the next month. Supercharging is the perfect way to visit out of town friends and family, and remember, it’s always free!” – Tesla

Tesla aims to expand their Supercharger network to number over 100 in the next two years, which could really spur on sales of their vehicles, both because of the added convenience and the fact that using them to charge up a vehicle is free for owners.

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