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Graphene Paint: A solar wonder


Image source: www.frenchtribune.com

A little while ago, we wrote about the potential new uses for ‘Graphene’; a natural element similar to silicon in its uses.

Today we’re showcasing the possibilities for graphene paint.

Basically, graphene is a light, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to silicon and other such elements. It’s planned uses include solar farms, vehicles, and electronics.

Graphene paint opens the door to wonderful possibilities, and makes it widely available to the public, rather than just commercial/industrial uses.

For now, graphene paint won’t be available until some time in the future. Still, scientists are very optimistic about the development and conversion of paint. Since graphene is a powerful conductor of electricity, and a material stronger than diamonds, it’s a very valuable commodity, and one worth studying further.

Researchers at the University of Manchester were the first to begin studying graphene as a paint. Professor Kostya Novoselov, one of the scientists who first discovered graphene, had this to say about its potential:

“We have been trying to go beyond graphene by combining with other one-atom thick materials. What we have been doing is putting different layers of these materials on top of the other, and what you get is a new type of material with a unique set of properties. It is like a book; one page contains some information, but together the book is so much more. The implementations would go much further than simple solar powered cells.”

It is hoped that within the next decade or so, this paint technology will hit the market, creating a major increase in demand for solar-powered technologies, and making it nearly as affordable as traveling to the hardware store to buy a coat of paint for your home.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the development of graphene. It’s a growing bubble that much is still unknown about.


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