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Technology Turns The Tide

It seems a contradiction, however technology and digital developments are helping us to become more energy conscious.

Up to now consumers in the developed world have had an insatiable appetite for all the new mobile technology being launched each year.

In fact so clever have marketing departments become, that we race out to buy the latest updates regardless of whether our existing device still functions perfectly well.

The ‘must have’ mindset has set in.

However, another fact of life is that everything old will be new again. Indeed the refurbishment of products by their original manufacturer has led to an upswing in demand for these ‘second hand’ yet entirely modern devices.

For example, Apple technicians have been able to update and reinvent iPhones and iPads that were not working correctly and were returned to Apple, and sell them to customers at a discounted price. To put it simply, technology has both inspired and has created a marvellous platform for recycling.

Consider the case of intelligent devices in our home these days. With the possibility of “cloud technology”a group of people can share a resource such as a printer or server instead of getting a new one for each. Cloud computing is immensely helpful in the case where once data was stored by the individual user, requiring larger hardware and memory capacity.  Now less materials are used, there is less waste into landfill, and less energy used by each user.

Another revolutionary concept in software development is virtualization. No longer does the consumer have to buy a new item of hardware for example, one can experience a mobile app on your laptop instead of getting a new mobile phone to test it on.

As the revolution moves forward software is doing the work of hardware, saving resources.

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