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Simplifying Modern Life

Technology makes life easier and more convenient.

With the advancements in software and micro chip design, technology has enabled consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by consolidating many devices into one.

For instance, it is no longer necessary to carry a camera, or an mp3 player, or a GPS or a laptop or a gaming console or an eBook.

Instead a compact Smartphone can do the work of all the above mentioned devices and proves the proverb that “good things come in small packages”.

Due to the personal nature of this mobile technology, we as consumers can modify our behaviour and consumption habits.

For example, there are now apps available to help you conserve resources in the home. Both water and electricity usage can be monitored thus saving money as well as reducing your home’s reliance on fossil fuels.

With the great revolution in information technology we can be connected with everyone instantly. Communication across the globe facilitates enhancements in education, health and scientific endeavours as pioneers collaborate on projects and share their findings.

The plight of underprivileged people and endangered habitats or animals can be brought to the attention of a global audience. By enabling our children to see the world through the power of technology we are preparing them for a connected future. The security and sustainability of the global community will lie in their hands and it is essential that they feel intrinsically linked to that community.

Technology compels us to do more with less energy, to be resourceful and innovative. In some cases that resourcefulness and drive to innovation is being used to find solutions to problems) in countries where clean, drinking water and a consistent electricity supply are still out of reach of millions of people.

The transformation of the music distribution industry is one of the most significant benefits of digitization.

In the past there were huge costs associated with the packaging and transportation of records, cassettes and CDs. Now the music can be downloaded directly to your device in a matter of seconds with services such as Google Play. Thus reducing the burden on the environment and keeping the energy wasted to a minimum.

The same benefits apply to the legacy of paper documents generated by businesses around the globe. Now these important records can be scanned digitally, archived securely and the actual documents shredded and recycled.

Reading electronic books is also becoming a regular habit for many people. This simple and environmentally friendly activity is far better for our planet than allowing deforestation to continue at its frightening rate.

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