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Tawkon Helps Manage Smartphone Radiation Exposure

Tawkon Helps Manage Smartphone Radiation Exposure

Image source: tawkon.com

There’s a big debate on whether or not exposure to the radiation from cellphones (high-frequency electromagnetic fields) is unhealthy, but there isn’t a debate about whether the radiation exposure actually happens.

Sending and receiving information via cell towers requires the use of these microwaves, and with the huge numbers of people using mobile phones, it’s only natural that some people want to be able to limit their exposure, while still taking advantage of the technology.

And because it isn’t very easy to find out how what your level of exposure is, Tawkon offers an app to better understand it, as well as an alternative headset to use for mobile calls.

“Mobile phones transmit information to cell towers and antennas. When you are farther away from these towers, your phone works harder for a signal, which causes it to emit more radiation. Additionally, factors such as the distance of the phone from your head, poor signal strength as well as others, play a part in this equation as well.

Our radiation health tracker application analyzes communication components within your phone and other physical factors and predicts the level of radiation in real time. Based on universally accepted international SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) standards, the app provides contextual alerts when the user can take action to avoid high exposure.” – Tawkon

By installing the free app, users can take advantage of the phone’s internal measurements, which are used in conjunction with a patent-pending technology to calculate the user’s exposure (Specific Absorption Rate), and get tips on reducing those levels.

To really cut down on potential exposure, the “Retro” handset from Tawkon ($24.99) is said to be able to eliminate 99% of absorbed phone radiation while in use, and is compatible with many popular smartphone models. And as a plus, you’ll probably be the only person in the room rockin’ an old-school handset for your iPhone.

Find out more at Tawkon.

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