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Take the Pledge to Stop Idling Your Car

Take the Pledge to Stop Idling Your Car

Image source: iturnitoff.com

To help make your car trips more fuel-efficient and less polluting, you don’t necessarily need to buy a hybrid or electric car, because your car already has that capability, wired right into the ignition switch.

What’s that, you say? It’s already wired into the ignition switch?

Yup. It’s called the “off” position, and if we can start turning our vehicles off instead of leaving them to idle at drive-thrus and traffic jams or school drop-offs, we can start to make a difference in fuel consumption, air pollution, and CO2 emissions.

According to I Turn It Off, we waste some 3.8 million gallons of fuel every single day in the United States, just because of unnecessary idling of vehicles. Idling vehicles release just as much pollution as one in motion, and two minutes of idling uses the same amount of fuel as driving for one mile. That all adds up to a significant amount of fuel waste and vehicle pollution (which is linked to lung diseases, allergies, heart disease, and more) and continues to strengthen our dependence on fossil fuels for transportation.

And it’s not just fuel and pollution that get affected by eliminating unnecessary idling, it’s also our finances:

“Think of it this way: With 1.8 cars per average U.S. household on the road, eliminating just 5 minutes of idling per day per family would save enough money to pay for oil changes every three months, and a well-maintained vehicle gets even better gas mileage. This simple action can make a big change!” – Sustainable America

Check out the full infographic and sign the pledge to stop idling at I Turn It Off (and get a free bumper sticker to show your support for this initiative).

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