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Take Action on Global Wind Day: June 15th

Take Action on Global Wind Day: June 15th

Image source: globalwindday.org

How much do you know about wind energy? If you’re like many of us, not very much. But on June 15th, you can discover the power and possibilities of wind power, because it’s Global Wind Day.

Wind power is a viable option in many locations around the world, and yet it’s somewhat mysterious to the general population. After all, we’ve heard that wind turbines can kill birds and bats, that they are noisy and inefficient, and that they aren’t really a solution to global power issues.

But are any of those statements true, or is it just anti-wind rhetoric?

Global Wind Day aims to pull back the curtain on wind energy and give all of us more of an insight into wind power and its role in creating a sustainable clean energy system.

“It’s a day for taking the energy debate – switching to renewables from fossil fuels, supporting wind power – out of the realm of policy and in to the real world. In short, Global Wind Day is the international annual day for discovering wind power.

How does a wind turbine work? How much power does the wind farm located near me produce? Why should I support wind power over fossil fuels? These are the types of questions and more that you could find the answer to on Global Wind Day.”

With wind farms in operation in over 75 countries, wind power isn’t just one of those wacky ‘free energy’ schemes. It’s a realistic part of the renewable energy solution to reducing our fossil fuel use and GHG emissions in the power sector, and it’s getting more traction every day.

If you’d just like to learn more about wind energy, the Global Wind Day FAQ page is a great resource, as is the 30,000 people strong Facebook Page. If you’d like to also be a part of Global Wind Day 2013, check the events listings for an event near you (ranging from exhibitions and fairs to visits to wind farms and more), or take action by telling world leaders to switch to renewable energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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