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Energy Efficient Phones

It’s that time again. Your 2-year contract with your cell service provider is about to expire, and you’re ready for an upgrade.

There are literally thousands of options before you, but you don’t want just any phone, you want something built to last, and designed to save the world.

These smartphones listed below were made to lower the electrical bill and limit dependence on the grid.

Apple iPhone 5 – With its Energy Star Certificate, the Apple iPhone comes with a bevy of power-saving features, such as programmed intervals where it limites power usage if you’re taking a nap or in class. Its super-thin design also means it doesn’t come with a hungry battery, and will easily last you a full day and more with regular usage.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – It may seem like a monster, but this 5.5” smartphone is actually quite a conservative feat of ingenuity. It has a 3000mAh battery, which gives the impression that the phone eats up a ton of juice. Wrong. Just like the iPhone 5, the Galaxy Note 2 also has several power-saving features.

Blackberry – Built during a time when phones were phones, RIM created an enterprise following the likes of which no phone has yet to match. Blackberry’s have smaller batteries, and are less application-intensive, meaning a single charge will last you a long time in between the next. They also won’t run up the electric bill, because they fully-charge in less than an hour.

Android Phones With Google Now – One of the most impressive smartphone tools currently available is Google Now, which comes built-in with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Google Now is Android’s answer to iPhone’s SIRI voice-assistant. By all accounts, Google’s alternative is phenomenal. Over time, it becomes accustomed to your living habits. It will limit power consumption during off-peak hours, lower the backlight, close unused apps, etc. Perfect for saving battery life and spending less time plugged into the wall.

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