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SunnyBot Solar Robot Focuses Sun’s Rays

SunnyBot Solar Robot Focuses Sun's Rays

Image source: solenica.com

It can be quite frustrating to see brilliant sunshine just outside the window, yet be sitting or working in a dimly lit room and having to use electric lighting to see what you’re doing.

But if you had a small personal heliostat, such as this little solar robot, the SunnyBot, you could focus and redirect the sun’s rays right into your room, bringing the full spectrum of sunlight inside.

The SunnyBot, from Solenica, is a cordless solar-tracking device that can be set up to reflect the light hitting it onto a particular object or room, sending up to 7000 lumen of natural light up to 200 yards away. Once the SunnyBot is “aimed”, it will continue to track the sun as it moves through the sky, while maintaining its projection of light onto the initial target, all day long.

“Point the cordless SunnyBot at the target to be illuminated or warmed and activate it. That’s all. The fully automated intelligent optical positioning system built into SunnyBot quickly identifies the position of the Sun, and tracks it throughout the day, keeping the same target illuminated and warmed. SunnyBot’s high accuracy (better than 1 degree) is electronically managed by rotating the mirror via two linear actuators. The sophisticated electronics regularly analyze the weather conditions through SunnyBot’s optical sensors and automatically turn it on, off or put it on standby.”

And the SunnyBot isn’t just for providing natural lighting to hidden rooms or dark places, as it can be used to optimize the focus of sunlight onto a solar PV panel or a solar water heater, or to use the warmth of the light as a small heat source.

Get more info on SunnyBot at the Kickstarter campaign page, or see the rest of the products from Solenica at their website.

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