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Straw Bale Urinals Create Compost at Public Events

How can event organizers deal with large amounts of urine from festival and concert attendees, without resorting to flushing it down the drain with a bunch of potable water?

Taking into account that urine, while seeming to be waste, is considered to be liquid gold for fertilizing plants, and that compost is a very desirable addition to gardens and landscapes, the straw bale urinal idea may be a way to capitalize on both of those fronts.

Sure, people can just urinate on the ground to put the nutrients in the ground, but when you multiply that by a factor of 10 or 100, then it can become a smelly, muddy mess instead of a beneficial soil additive.

The design of L’uritonnoir, from Faltazi, uses stacks of straw bales as the main body of the urinal, with folding funnels to channel the urine deep inside the bale structure.

Once within the bale, the nitrogen from the urine and the carbon from the straw initiate a composting action, turning the bales into a pile of finished compost in about six months.

The urine is no longer a waste that needs to be hauled or drained off, but is instead a resource that is very much in demand for healthy soils. And because straw is a pretty commonly available material, and all that is necessary to ship to the site are the funnels (which pack down flat for transport), this design could have a huge impact on the overall environmental footprint of a festival or gathering.

This method could also be easily put into use with homemade funnels just about anywhere a urinal is needed (though you may wany to construct a wall around it for privacy).

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