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Sporty Swiss E-bike Tops 30 MPH

More and more people are choosing bicycles for transportation these days, and some of those are commuters who are using e-bikes for their daily ride. Making the switch to an electric bike can make a lot of sense for some riders, and so a growing number of companies are producing their own version of an electric bike, such as this one, by the Swiss company Stromer.

Stromer’s ST1 doesn’t look like an e-bike at first glance, as there is nothing obviously different about it, and the design looks like it would be right at home among a bunch of other city bikes. Looking closer, however, the downtube is quite a bit fatter than any other bicycles, and that’s about the only giveaway that this bike is capable of hitting 30 MPH.

The ST1 features a 600W motor, which is not only quiet and quick, but is also capable of increasing the range of the bike through recharging the battery with regenerative braking. The bike offers several different riding modes, from partial assist to full electric mode, and has a charge indicator display to keep the rider informed of the status of the battery.

Inside the downtube is a removable high tech 36V Li-ion battery pack (offered in two versions, 11.5 AH or 14.5 AH), which allows the ST1 to have a range of up to 56 miles on a single charge. The battery can be charged on or off the bike for convenience or security, and the bike comes with an integrated battery management system for optimal charging.

Stromer offers the ST1 in two versions, the Elite, which retails for about $3,499, or the Platinum, which runs about $3,999 (and which has a more powerful battery and motor, and is considered an “off-road vehicle”). The bikes are available in a variety of configurations, and prospective buyers can explore the options online at Stromer.

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