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Solar-Powered Offgrid Mobile Desk

Solar-Powered Offgrid Mobile Desk

Image source: kanzoutdoors.com

If you do any type of work that might entail using a laptop or other mobile devices in the field, (or perhaps you just want to work outside) and want a mobile workspace that can not only be used as a desk, but can also supply power to your devices, this mobile solar desk ought to be on your wishlist.

The KANZ Field Power Desk is based on the company’s Field Kitchen design, and features a Baltic birch interior within a marine grade aluminum housing, and when the legs are assembled, can be a standalone workspace, complete with solar power.

The Field Power Desk comes in two versions, the 120, which integrates a GoalZero Sherpa 120 powerpack and a 20W solar panel. This version’s 120 Watt-hour power pack can provide 3 hours of laptop life, and can charge up just about any mobile device in its dedicated charging drawer (which provides 12V and 5V outlets). It weighs in at 37 pounds, and folds up securely for transport. The Field Power 240 version features two of the Sherpa 120 power packs, for 6 extra hours of power to a laptop, and includes 2 20W solar panels for recharging.

FieldPowerDeskIn addition to being able to be charged via the solar panels, the power packs can be charged up with a vehicle’s 12V cigarette outlet while being transported, so you arrive with a full battery reserve. The Field Power Desks can also store up to three 20W panels inside, and the front door panel doubles as a desk surface.

The Field Power Desk 120 retails for $1750.00, and the 240 sells for $2250.00, and are available from KANZ.

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