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Solar Powered Digital Camera Generates Own Energy

In a twist on providing mobile power for a digital camera, one Japanese company is selling a solar-powered, hand-cranked model, which is said to be “self-generating”.

The camera, called Sun & Cloud, comes from Superheadz Japan, and offers not only the ability to generate the electricity needed to operate it, but it also includes built-in photo filters for getting the ultimate in digital retro pictures.

A small solar panel mounted on the top of the camera can charge up the internal battery, or users can charge it up manually via a hand crank generator set in the side of it. The Sun & Cloud can also be charged directly with a USB connection, giving users plenty of choices for powering it.

The design of the camera is about as retro as you can get, with the unit resembling the old Kodak Brownie cameras (which is sure to turn heads the first time it gets used in public). Users can choose from three different focus modes (normal, portrait, or macro), and when paired with one of the 15 built-in filter effects, offers up plenty of options for creative photos.

The camera isn’t a top-of-the-line model in terms of capability, as it only offers a 3 megapixel lens, but it does capture both stills and videos, and includes an LED light for night shooting, a microSD card slot, and a microphone for capturing audio during a video session. Sun & Cloud is available from AC Gears for about $200.

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