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Solar Powered Charging Stations for Public Spaces

Solar Powered Charging Stations for Public Spaces

Image source: ccgigogreen.com

For business owners, municipalities, and property managers, offering a way to charge your customer’s mobile devices could be a big benefit, and these solar powered charging stations from CarrierClass Green Infrastructure (CCGI) just might be the ticket.

The new ConnecTable™ Solar Charging Stations include integrated photovoltaic solar panels and backup power storage, and are designed for both commercial and residential installations. These robust outdoor furniture configurations are available as café tables, picnic tables, and deck tables, and could be a draw for customers looking to top off their mobile devices.

“These fully engineered solar power charging and backup power systems are designed to accommodate a range of table design aesthetics, surface materials, and site design objectives. They are an ideal enhancement for universities, city parks, outdoor malls, sports complexes, mixed-use developments, theme parks, and more. Multiple tables can be combined to form a micro grid and a backup power source during extended power outages.” – CCGI

The ConnecTable™ devices are considered to be “semi-portable”, and could be used as a power source in areas where power outages are frequent, or just used as an off-grid energy station. The tables can be customized for site-specific design or custom color choices, and can also incorporate a WiFi system to provide internet access.

According to CCGI, qualifying organizations could be eligible for low-interest financing to purchase the tables through the Sustainable Energy Fund. In addition, these tables could qualify for the 30% investment tax credit offered to businesses in the US that install solar.

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