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Solar Power for a Dollar a Day

Solar Power for a Dollar a Day

Image source: monarch-power.com

Solar power for our own homes seems like an unattainable dream for many of us, as we aren’t in a position to come up with a big chunk of change to buy a solar PV array, even if it might mean that eventually, we get free electricity for life. And if we’re renters, not owners, then investing in a solar array for our home doesn’t make a lot of sense, as we’re not able to make ‘permanent’ improvements to the dwelling, when we’ll eventually just move on.

But a new mobile solar power array might be the way to go, as it’s not only portable, but affordable.

The system, dubbed Dollar-a-Day Solar™, is based on the Lotus Mobile solar technology from Monarch Power, and is said to produce 30% more energy than fixed solar panels. The system is designed for quick setup, either at your home, or for offgrid adventures, and when an optional battery bank is used, the solar power generated by it can be stored to use when the sun goes down. This array produces 1.1kW of clean energy, and could be a viable method of getting started in the renewable energy revolution.

“Reserve one of the first 500 solar units based on the award-winning Lotus Mobile™ technology NOW with only $50 down, to be delivered early in 2014. At delivery you pay a $500 installation fee and a $2,500 investment that can come back to you with a $1500 Federal solar tax credit and a $1000 Arizona tax credit. The remainder is financed for only $1 a day for 10 years. Then the Lotus Mobile generates solar power to you for free!” – Monarch Power

This solar energy system integrates a sun-tracking device, so as the sun moves through the sky, the solar panels are always receiving optimal sunlight, and the Teflon-coated panels fold up at night or in strong winds. Monarch Power says the system takes just one hour to set up, and requires no permits to install, as rooftop solar does.

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