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Cellphone Charging Stations In New York

Today, an ambitious (and much-needed) project went live in Brooklyn, New York. Goal Zero, the company behind the program, unveiled their newest array of cellphone charging stations, and announced plans for nine more in the immediate future.

Beginning in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park, the charging station project is available for the public to utilize. The stations are solar-powered, and were funded in part by AT&T Wireless. Each station has USB charging ports that can charge 6 cellphones at a time.


Image source: www.hothardware.com

The ports have 3 15-watt solar panels that provide the necessary charging power. Goal Zero believes this project is long overdue. The VP of Marketing for Goal Zero, Chris Abbruzzese, is excited about the potential for their stations.

“This is an amazing project . . . it’s basically taking (solar) power and making it public.”

According to Goal Zero, the solar panel chargers work best in sunlight, but they’re also operational in tree shade or during cloudy days. The endeavor was influenced in part by the Superstorm Sandy disaster that knocked out power across New York for several days and weeks.

Goal Zero eventually plans on manufacturing and distributing 25 to 30 solar charger units across parks in Brooklyn and other cities and areas in New York, including Coney Island, Union Square, etc. Each park will have 2 to 3 units, so that commuters, tourists, and anybody needing a quick charge can enjoy the convenience the solar chargers provide.


Image source: www.newswithtags.com

Solar chargers won’t just be limited to their permanent park locations, but will also be offered at AT&T sponsored events, such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Summer Stage at Central Park, etc.

This concept was first discussed last year, although a different firm was responsible for the announcement of that project, and it was just a pilot program at the time.

This is a welcome endeavor in New York, and should be expanded to cover all major cities. There’s no word on if the charging stations will be accelerated chargers, or if phones will juice up at their normal speed. I suppose we’ll just have to see for ourselves.

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