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Solar Light Bulbs and Lamps Provide Safe Lighting

Kerosene lamps pose many health risks and other hazards, but are still used in many areas where there is no electricity.

Solar lighting provides a safe and efficient alternative, and many companies are taking the initiative and making durable solar light bulbs and lanterns that allow lighting without kerosene.

Discovery News has compiled great samples of solar powered lights and their designers that are making a real difference in the daily lives of those who have access to them by eliminating dependence on harmful kerosene based lighting.

Waterproof solar lanterns from Greenlight Planet in India have helped to replace some kerosene lamps which emit toxic fumes and reduce indoor air quality. Called Sun King, these also have a built-in stand and can emit about 16 hours of light per day. Another company called Nokero has helped to replace kerosene with their solar light bulbs that come with a hanging hook and a back-up rechargeable battery.

Evans Wadongo, an engineer, had his eyesight impaired from kerosene lighting as a child. Consequently, he was driven by this and developed a solar lamp which helps families in Africa have safe lighting. Meaning “good light” in Swahili, the lamp is named Mwangabora.

Another invention is the D.light that was developed by two design students, one of which had a neighbor whose son had suffered burns from a kerosene lamp. This light comes on a stand and is equipped with various settings and features a phone charger.

Other solar lighting systems on the list are the Nomad solar lamp, BoGo, a solar flashlight, and inflatable designs LuminAID LED lighting and the Luci solar lantern.

These are only a few illustrations of solar projects that are still prominently needed on a wide-spread scale.

Though it may not be the same as some of the above mentioned designs, you can make your own solar lighting at home. One idea is changing old kerosene lanterns that have been cleaned out to remove any residue into solar ones.

When others do not have something as basic as lighting, it is good to hear about people who have resourcefully stepped up to provide it.

Image Source: Wikipedia: Evans Wadongo

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