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Solar Hybrid Bicycle Concept Could be Ultimate E-Bike

Solar Hybrid Bicycle Concept Could be Ultimate E-Bike

Image source: yankodesign.com

What’s a greener transportation option than an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle outfitted with solar panels, that’s what.

This solar hybrid e-bike concept, from designer Mojtaba Raeisi, eschews spokes in the wheels in favor of circular solar panels that can be tilted to catch the sun when parked, providing power from solar energy to energize the bike.

According to Yanko Design, the bike is designed to be either pedaled manually, with electric assist, or fully electric, which would give riders the option that best suits the situation. The small size of the solar panels seems like it might severely limit the charging capacity of the bike, but they could be useful to top off the bicycle’s battery while it’s parked.

There’s no word on whether this concept will be developed into an actual production bicycle, but this sort of ‘out of the box’ thinking just might get us to a greener and more sustainable world, especially when it comes to transportation options.

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