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Solar Headphones Charge Smartphones

Solar Headphones Charge Smartphones

Image source: OnBeatHeadphones.com

Our smartphones and mobile devices have become such a part of our lives, acting as not only our social hub, but our media player as well, that we it’s hard to part with them, even to plug them in for a charge. When the batteries in our gadgets are dead, it’s great to have a smart and stylish way to power them while we’re still on the go.

That’s where the OnBeat Solar Headphones come in. Featuring a small solar panel that fully covers the headband, and two rechargeable Li-ion batteries (1000mAh) for storing the energy captured by the panels, these headphones can not only deliver high-quality sound to your ears, but also deliver a charge to your smartphone or tablet at the same time.

Solar Headphones Charge Smartphones

Image source: onbeatheadphones.com/

“We have been working hard for the last year to develop a set of headphones that not only provides excellent sound quality, but simultaneously re-charges your mobile devices on the go. The integration of rechargeable batteries and a full headband solar panel means that wherever you go you will be able to keep your devices running all day.” – OnBeat

These over-the-ear headphones are said to be lightweight and fully adjustable for comfort, and to give a “superb sound” across low-, mid-, and high-ranges. They feature an integrated remote for volume control, and can also be charged via a USB connection for rainy days or at night.

OnBeat Solar Headphones are currently in a crowdfunding phase, and backers who pitch in at least £69 (plus £20 shipping fee if outside the UK) to the Kickstarter campaign can reserve their very own pair at a special early bird price.

Find out more at OnBeat Headphones.

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