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Affordable Solar Options

The sun’s rays have long been utilized for energy.

Though they pay for themselves in the long run, the upfront costs of installing solar panels can be steep.

If you want the optimal effects of solar energy but cannot afford to solarize your whole home or business, there are other options that will produce sustainable power without as steep of a price tag.

Financing and tax incentives are usually available for renewable energy installations. Instead of splurging for an entire line, you can also purchase individual panels and add to your solar collection when you have the opportunity. If you are an able do-it-yourselfer and understand how the solar process works you can even look into making your own solar cell panels which is usually a cheaper option than buying from a manufacturer.

To increase energy capabilities solar can be combined with other energy bases like hybrid power and renewable resources such as wind to increase electrical output. Water, heating and air conditioning units can also all be designed to efficiently run off renewable energy sources.

Solar battery chargers are also a great option for juicing up technology and other equipment in a household or office. They range in price, but when compared to a standard monthly electric bill they are quite favorable for charging everyday items. Battery chargers can be purchased to accommodate rechargeable batteries as well as many electronic items. There are selections of portable solar chargers as well as stationary chargers if mobility isn’t a big factor.

In order to trap warmth passive solar collectors can be incorporated where possible. Passive solar arrangements, like sunrooms and greenhouses, use ideally placed windows or glass that allow heat to be stored and recirculated throughout indoor spaces. These heat trapping structures can be supplemented with solar panels also. Passive solar designs can drastically decrease heating costs.

The U.S. Department of Energy has a consumer’s guide pdf which has tips on incorporating solar cells. How to calculate costs, figure out energy savings and determining what type of system would be most beneficial for needed uses are covered.

As solar influence becomes more mainstream, availability will hopefully continue to increase as costs take a decline.

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