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Apps To Go Green

Applications or Apps have completely invaded our digital world, flooding people with information.

Their ability to put so much power and choice in the hands of ordinary consumers has entirely changed human interaction with the world.

Therefore as many of these apps can help you to live your life in a more environmentally sustainable way it makes sense to download a few of the following suggested apps to your smartphone.

Some of the applications mentioned are free, while others cost between 0.99$ to 6$.

Green Meter
This iPhone/iPad app simply computes your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics and helps your driving to increase efficiency by giving real time feedback on your device screen.

UNEP carbon calculator
Greenhouse gases have the greatest impact on climate changes. UNEP Carbon Calculator enables you to calculate which habitat areas are needed to suppress carbon used during your travel by car, train or air-plane. You can read how to make a difference and you can learn lot about the ecosystems.

Green Tips!
This informative $0.99 app gives you green living advice each time you open it, once you have read a tip the app keeps that in a list so that you can search and find it later.

This application can help shoppers a lot. Goodguide comes with a barcode scanner and if you scan any product it will give information about whether the product is safe, green, healthier etc. within a second. iOS users can download the app freely from here and android users can download from here.

This app really helps people who are interested in setting up solar panels. Solarchecker determines the solar radiation at the current location (uses GPS for this) and calculates the ROI for a solar power system on the available roof area. This application is really a digital compass for panel setting.

Get instant access to one million ways of recycling by installing iRecycle app. You can also get latest green news and tips for living a green lifestyle.

Geo Quiz
This edu-tainment quiz app helps you to learn about the planet and what needs to be done. Once you find interesting things about the planet you will have some interest to preserve it. iOS users can download the app from here and Android users can download it from here.

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