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Smartphone Accessory Can Check Your Cholesterol

Smartphone Accessory Can Check Your CholesterolA recent development at Cornell University may give health-conscious smartphone users a way to quickly check their cholesterol levels, using their phone’s camera.

Dubbed the Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics, or “smartCARD,”, this prototype smartphone accessory can optically detects crucial biomarkers in a drop of the user’s blood, sweat or saliva, and then use color analysis to measure the total cholesterol.

“The smartCARD accessory – which looks somewhat like a smartphone credit card reader – clamps over the phone’s camera. Its built-in flash provides uniform, diffused light to illuminate the test strip that fits into the smartCARD reader. The application in the phone calibrates the hue saturation to the image’s color values on the cholesterol test strip, and the results appear on your phone.” – Cornell

While the device only currently measures the total cholesterol, not the levels of LDL (considered to be the “bad” cholesterol), HDL (the “good” cholesterol) or triglycerides, the developers are working on a method to break those out for more accurate readings. According to Cornell, the lab is also working on methods for detecting the levels of vitamin D.

Instead of unwieldy or complicated home cholesterol tests, or having to go to the medical lab for a cholesterol workup, users may eventually be able to snap a body fluids selfie and get the information they need for monitoring their health.

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