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Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

The internet has almost become everything in this connected world, with more and more application of the internet, advancement in electronic devices and even our homes becoming smarter.

A start-up company, Greenwave Reality, has come up with a “wireless LED lighting kit” which surely is a gateway to a smarter home. Headed by former consumer electronics executives, the company sells this lighting kit at a price of US$200. It contains four 40 watts LED bulbs and a Smartphone application – which is the game changer.

The four supplied bulbs are Energy star rated and they should be connected to the home router so that users can turn the bulb on or off  remotely or alternately program a specific schedule. Installation of this kit takes some minutes but once completed you will save a lot of power and a lot of time.

Each bulb has their own IP address which is paired with the gateway.  This pairing is automatic which eliminates the need for a messy configuration job. There are many bulbs controlling mobile applications but this one is a bit different as it allows you to schedule the time and the brightness of the bulb. Because the bulb and the application are from the same company there are no compatibility problems.

Many state government agencies spend a lot of money on customer efficiency programs, such as rebates for efficient appliances or subsidizing low power consuming bulbs. Network-connected LEDs can report useful usage information whereas traditional bulbs do not have this functionality.

Greenwave Reality can see how many bulbs are actually in use and verify the intended energy savings. Utilities could potentially make lighting part of a demand response program to lower power during peak times. In performance perspective the bulbs have no latency when controlled via the Smartphone app.

Internet-loving people will be drawn to these network controlled bulbs and thermostats, as they not only save energy but also provide a wireless control as well as bringing smartness to homes.  Smart thinking all round.

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