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Smarter Driving App Maximizes Fuel Efficiency

Smarter Driving App Maximizes Fuel Efficiency

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A little inexpensive piece of hardware for your vehicle, coupled with an app on your smartphone, could yield better fuel-efficiency, and take some of the mystery out of your car’s performance with real time diagnostics, right on your phone.

The Dash system, which uses a small device that plugs right into the stock ODB port in a vehicle, allows drivers to gather data on their car’s performance and their own driving habits, as well as find the cheapest gas prices nearby and shop for deals on auto repairs. Dash also adds a social component to driving, by allowing users to compare their driving habits and trips with their friends, essentially “gamifying” the driving experience.

A compatible Dash device can be purchased for as little as $10 USD (generic Bluetooth-enabled OBD link), or the premium version can be purchased for about $70 (said to have better power management capability and more reliable connectivity). The device is easily installed by plugging it into the car’s ODB port (usually found right beneath the steering wheel), and then paired with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

Dash allows users to compare previous trips, track fuel-efficiency, get alerts on driving behavior or mechanical issues, locate where their car is parked, and even get more specific information about what that “Check Engine” light is actually referring to when it comes on. Users can compare local gas prices, find a reliable mechanic, and even notify emergency services in the event of a crash. The app is currently available for Android, and the iOS version is in the works.

Find out more about this smarter driving app at Dash.

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