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Smart Tech for EV Charging Could Cut Charge Costs in Half

Smart Tech for EV Charging Could Cut Charge Costs in Half

Image source: http://dius.com.au/products/chargeiq/

A trial of an electric vehicle ‘smart’ charging technology in Australia found that, when used together with a smart meter/grid, the costs for charging an electric vehicle could be cut in half.

The project, which paired the ChargeIQ charging technology with Victoria’s Smart Grid, was the first of its kind to feature end-to-end use of the smart meters for managing electricity demand, and the findings could help to further boost the integration of EVs on the grid.

According to the results of the trial, drivers could save about 50% on their charging costs each year, while also helping to optimize the performance of the smart grid, when using the smart chargers. The units integrate with smart meters and allow for cooperation between the utility and the consumer to get the best energy rates for their vehicle.

“ChargeIQ’s integration with Smart Meters means that it can automatically determine the most cost effective time to charge the user’s vehicle. Drivers simply set their charging preferences via the terminal, website or mobile device and ChargeIQ takes care of the rest. Utilities can manage charging loads through the ChargeIQ solution, which seamlessly integrates the driver, vehicle and the grid.” – DiUS

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