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A Window That Filters Heat And Light

Sometimes, researchers create products we didn’t even know we wanted, and when that moment happens, we think to ourselves, “how have we been living without it?”. This is one of those products.


Image source: www.engadget.com

Lab techs at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed a smart window that filters both heat and light into the home, creating a perfect balance of temperature and sun exposure during the warm seasons (summer, I’m looking at you). Homeowners can choose to filter out heat, filter out light, or filter out both (don’t you just love having options?). Take your hand off the thermostat, because your window’s about to do the job for you.


Image source: www.prodisplay.com

Exploiting the relatively new (at least popularity-wise) nanotechnology, the research team created a panel of crystals that change their state when electricity passes through, allowing the filtration of visible light and infra-red light. This will allow you to keep your home cool in the summer by keeping the sun out, saving you money on A/C costs.

One of the best ways to use this technology so far would be by installing these panels in touch-windows, much like the ones Samsung manufactures. The idea behind a “smart home” is continually evolving, although this is one concept that is sure to stick around for a long time. There’s no set date for consumer purchase or pricing, though we’ve got our fingers crossed for sometime in the next couple of years.


Image source: www.brandinfection.com

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