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Robotic Vehicles Are Future Of Supply Chain

When you think about it, the notion that human drivers will be replaced by computers makes perfect sense. In the evolution of technology, it’s simply the next logical step.

Computers are efficient, cost-effective, don’t require any vacation time or sick leave, and are less prone to human error. By the year 2050, the trucker occupation will be filled with self-driving automatons, save for the few hardliners who’ve watched Terminator one too many times.

Taking the human element out of the equation frees up lots of space and allows for more experimentation with alternative fuels, i.e. solar power and electric. In the end, this is a win-win scenario for companies, drivers, customers, and the environment.

Autonomous vehicles have already been proven to make better and faster decisions on the road than their human counterpart. The number of trailer truck accidents per year will certainly plummet the minute robots are put on the streets. Our highways are about to become a lot more efficient.

What does this mean though for the now-unemployed truck driver? Well, for starters, the change won’t be instant, meaning there’ll be plenty of time to make plans for a career switch. Will it be inconvenient? Probably. Will there be protests and/or riots from unions and disgruntled drivers? Possibly. But is it ultimately the right way to go? Absolutely.

For innovation to have any chance at succeeding, there has to be change, and oftentimes it can be difficult. For example: most large grocery stores have automated checkout lines now. Are their grocers being put out of a job? Hardly. But the grocery store line is much more efficient now that we have faster options. The same goes for the cargo transportation industry.

There might not be a piloting job for you with UPS any longer, but that doesn’t mean Delta won’t be hiring for their passenger jets. The same goes for other areas of cargo transportation. The robots are coming, and they’re here to make life better.

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