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Green Phones – The Future

In the digital era cellphones have become as mandatory for humans as air.

In any part of the world the least power consuming home appliance is the cellphone charger which powers the cellphone’s battery.  The average power consumed by a cellphone when charging its battery is 26watts but with 6 billion people living on the planet and with 5 billion (and counting) mobile phones registered with all networks, the total power consumption will be jaw-dropping and become a very serious problem like global warming.   So, in an effort to reduce power consumption, scientists are constantly researching to automate the phone charging process and to reduce the total power consumption by using solar energy.

The idea is to create a cellphone which converts solar light and display from cellphone screens to charge the device.  This is done by using an array of solar cells (which are very thin) inside the phones “screen”. This is done because  half of the light generated by the display of mobile screens escapes at the edges of the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) which then becomes useless. However, there is one serious problem with power generated by solar cells – the output will not be constant and this could cause serious damage to circuit boards.  To overcome this problem scientists  have designed thin circuit regulators which can fit into the existing board which sole purpose is to regulate the power from the solar cells.

Scientists have come up with another design where the back panel of the mobile phone is completely covered by solar panels. It has been found that efficiency is then 15 times more and the average exposure of the mobile phone is more than enough to power your cellphone for a day. Furthermore the cost of building this solar panel can be reduced as a thin film of hydrogenated amorphous silicon is used which can be manufactured in lower temperatures and this method of energy harvesting saves lots of power when you look it in global scale. Researches are going on to use these types of techniques on devices like the iPad and other low power consuming devices also. Many cellphones were released with this concept but they seriously lack the smartphone facility so naturally they don’t sell well.

Leading smartphone developers should step forward to use this green technology and make greener phones which will require no charger at all !

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