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Scrooser: Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Scrooser: The Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Image source: scrooser.com

Finally, there’s an electric scooter that adults won’t feel embarrassed to ride.

Looking like something taken straight from the playground and put through an enlarger, the Scrooser is a big-wheeled electric assist scooter that has been dubbed a “modern lifestyle city scooter”.

Scrooser: The Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Image source: scrooser.com

The Scrooser has the configuration of an old-school kick scooter, except scaled up to an adult size and featuring big fat tires that are said to enable a ride akin to surfing or snowboarding. The scooter isn’t a “step aboard and hit the throttle” type of transportation option, but instead it assists the rider’s efforts with an impulse drive:

“The intelligent impulse drive provides electric power support augmenting the amount of physical force the foot has pushed off the ground with. The impulse drive kicks in automatically when a speed of 2 mph or greater is reached. After it kicks in, it pauses until you release another impulse (again with whatever amount of force your foot has pushed off the ground with). The interval between the pushing impulses depends on the riding situation you’re in, and whenever you apply the brakes, the motor is automatically disengaged.”

Scrooser: The Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Image source: scrooser.com

The Scrooser’s lithium-ion battery pack, which can be charged directly in the scooter or removed for its three hour charging cycle, is said to last an estimated 25 days in “Eco mode”. While mostly designed for use at speeds around 6 mph in and around pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the Scrooser has a top speed of 15 mph, and a range of 20+ miles.

An ignition lock and steel cable lock built into the frame will help keep Scroosers out of the hands of thieves, and the onboard GPS receiver can notify owners if their scooter is stolen and help them track it down via smartphone.

Fresh from a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the first Scroosers are being produced to fulfill awards for the backers of the project, and some pre-orders have been taken at a price of about 3,630 € ($4,790 USD). If you’re interested in finding out about when more Scroosers will be available, sign up for their mailing list on their website.

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