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The versatility of compact scooters

Scooter and motorcycle companies are raising the bar each year for next-generation engineering and design.

You’ve seen some pretty cool ideas for hovering scooters and such, but you’ve probably never seen a compact folding scooter.

The Moveo Scooter

The Moveo is a sleek new innovation in scooter design. It’s able to completely fold down to be carried with you, and it’s quite nice to behold.

The Moveo scooter

Image source: www.moveoscooter.com

Compact scooters

Image source: www.moveoscooter.com


The Moveo was created from Antro; a “non-profit Hungarian organization that also designed the wood-framed hybrid Solo car.”

The electric Moveo weighs just 63 pounds, which, by vehicle standards, is super light. You probably won’t be stuffing it into your backpack, but you can definitely wheel it around through school, the mall, or down the street if you happen to run out of juice. The scooter can get 22 miles on a single charge, and has a maximum speed of 28mph. This small machine is perfect for inner-city jaunts to and from work or school.

Antro is seeking capital to begin full production of the Moveo, and it is expected to debut at a price of $4,695 USD when it’s available.

The Boxx Scooter

On the other side of compact scooters is a vehicle called the Boxx from Boxx Corp. It isn’t able to fold down, because it’s already pretty much as compact as any scooter is ever going to get.

The Boxx scooter can get 40 miles on a single charge, but weighs 90 pounds, which means you definitely won’t be taking this thing anywhere you’re required to do a lot of walking. On the plus side, the Boxx costs less than the Moveo at $3,995 USD and has storage space underneath its seat.

Whatever your opinion is of scooters, we can all agree that more electric vehicles on the streets is definitely a good thing. They keep pollution down, get rid of heavy traffic congestion, and are relatively inexpensive. Expect to see more of these two scooters in the near future.


Image source: www.boxxcorp.com

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