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Famous Scientists On The Environment

We’ve written about famed entrepreneurs who do their part for the environment, and now it’s time to look towards the intellectual world for solutions on our planet’s many problems.

From climate change, to space travel, to farming, and even the singularity, these brilliant minds share their ideas on how to save us from ourselves.


Image source: www.wired.com

Ray Kurzweil: The famed thinker recently gave an interview with The Futurist, and shared his thoughts on several issues, one of which was the problem of declining fossil fuels. Kurzweil believes that we need to look to nanotechnology for the solution. It’s a low-cost alternative to traditional industrial manufacturing methods, and is future-proof.


Image source: www.lettersofnote.com

Stephen Hawking: Mr. Hawking suffers from a degenerative physical disease, though it doesn’t affect his brilliant mind. Hawking gave a talk a few years ago about climate change, and stated that he worries we may end up like the planet Venus. He said that emissions in China must be curbed, and that diplomatic discussions must take place between our nation and the Chinese, before we reach a point of no return.


Image source: www.atlanticcoastufos.com

Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson: The famed astrophysicist fielded questions recently about renewable energy. Dr. Tyson is a huge believer in the potential for solar power to revolutionize and replace our current fuel uses. However, Dr. Tyson also believes we can harness the power of nature, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes.


Image source: www.educationstormfront.wordpress.com

Dr. Michio Kaku: A brilliant theoretical physicist, Dr. Kaku believes that we must become a more efficient society in order to save the planet. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and biotechnology are the means to achieving an efficient future. He argues that we must become a more educational and intelligent society to change the world.


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