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Let’s Name Extreme Storms after Climate Deniers

Let's Name Extreme Storms after Climate Deniers

Image source: climatenamechange.org

With our current storm naming system, courtesy of the World Meteorological Organization, extreme weather events get named after people, somewhat capriciously. But what if someone’s name is Katrina, or Sandy, or any of the other monikers picked for extreme storms? What did they do to deserve the scorn of the world being heaped upon their name as every news outlet covers these natural disasters?

A better way might be to start naming them after those politicians who continue to deny the science behind climate change, and obstruct any efforts to mitigate its effects. Just imagine if the 5 o’clock news kept mentioning those people by name during each storm event, and their reputation were to grow more infamous with every update.

That’s what the Climate Name Change petition is all about.

If you’re in favor of a policy like this (or just want to lend your support to bringing more awareness and acceptance to the issue of climate change), you can sign the petition from 350 Action here: Climate Name Change.

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