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Saving Money By 3-D Printing

Everyone appreciates the value of saving a few pennies when we can. Whether it’s shopping at the department store for clothing rather than that fancy new boutique on Main street, purchasing higher end lightbulbs that will save you money over time, or installing an eco-friendly shower head to lower monthly water costs, we find ways to stretch a dollar.

A new study by the Michigan Technical University shows us just how eco conscious (and budget-savvy) 3-D printing truly is. They estimate that printing your own household items, tools, eating utensils, and toys for the kids can actually save you an average of $300 and $2,000 a year. Talk about putting green back in your wallet!


Image source: www.reprap.org

If your forego the weekly/monthly supermarket trips to buy new shower rings, phone cases, plastic tupperware, storage containers, etc, and opt to print them instead, you’ll be looking at a boatload of savings. This, however, will likely cost you a few bucks upfront to purchase a nice 3-D printer (anywhere from $500 – $2,000 will definitely get you an adequate printing machine).

Fortunately, most of the things you’re looking to print can be easily accomplished by using a lower-end model, which even a child could purchase on a paper route income (I know this, because I survived high school on such an income). The new and exciting world of 3-D printing is quickly becoming a hobby everyone can afford.

It’s a smart choice for the budgeter, the DIY’er, and the home schooler. Many an educational lesson can be created from 3-D printers, and already have been, as a growing number of schools are now putting them in their shop and science classes.

This study, of course, assumes that you have a major need for plastic items around your home, although for many of us with large families, this is a given. And if you’re not looking to print plastic items for your home, you can always turn to 3-D printing to launch a small home-based business creating art, toys, tools, and more.

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