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Rugged Rechargeable Speaker Rocks Offgrid Parties

Rugged Rechargeable Speaker Rocks Offgrid Parties

Image source: goalzero.com

If you want to bring your tunes off the grid and into the wild, and perhaps even power them with solar energy, then Goal Zero’s new portable speaker might be just the thing for impromptu dance parties with a small power footprint.

The company’s Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker can play for over 20 hours on its internal lithium battery, and can be recharged via a standard USB port or with the sun, using a small portable solar panel.

The speaker, measuring 7 x 3.75 x 2.5 inches and weighing in at about a quarter of a pound, is designed to be used for outdoor adventures, with a rugged, water-resistant shell, and can be connected to an MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With one of Goal Zero’s Nomad 7 solar chargers, the 3Wh lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in about two hours, or with a USB connection in about three hours, and can provide hours and hours of musical accompaniment. The speaker features not just volume controls, but also has controls for navigating to the next or previous song, as well as a play/pause button.

The Rock Out 2 comes in your choice of five colors, and sells for about $60 from Goal Zero.

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