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Robots Set To Innovate The Agriculture Industry

Robots have become intertwined with just about every facet of living nowadays, even though they’ve yet to become the advanced A.I. units depicted in films such as iRobot and Terminator.

In another step forward for the robotic industry, several new sets of robots were created in Silicon Valley specifically to handle farming tasks. This will undoubtedly provide farmers more time to care for their livestock, distribute their crops, and more.

A new ‘Lettuce Bot’ is able to “thin” a field of lettuce in the same timeframe as 20 field workers would take. A strawberry harvesting robot, with 24 arms and an advanced computer capable of sorting through good fruit and bad fruit, is undergoing tests in California.


Image source: www.fox44.com

Autonomous drones that can spray insecticide across large swaths of land (as briefly depicted in the 2012 film ‘Looper’) are also being explored. Right now, developers of these impressive ‘bots say that we can expect commercial availability within the next 10 years.


Image source: www.diydrones.ning.com

For farmers, this is a perfect timeframe, as the number of able workers has dwindled significantly in recent years as factory and technology jobs have been on the rise. With robots, the agricultural industry will no doubt see a sharp boost in production.

Notable areas where robots have revolutionized the industry include automobile manufacturing, space, aeronautics, assisted living (in Japan, at least) and entertainment (a no-brainer there). The farming industry already has robots in limited capacities, but nothing as large-scale as harvesters.


Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Along with robots, 3-D printing will also hugely benefit farmers. They’re cheap, and can spit out tools and replacement parts like nobody’s business. And in the near (mostly distant) future, they’ll even make food for humans, which will eventually translate into feed for farm animals. It’s a wonderful world we live in.

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