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Robotic Muscle Thousand Times Stronger Than Humans

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have invented a robotic “muscle” that’s 1,000 times stronger than human muscle.

It’s an incredible creation, and could allow the muscle to lift and throw an object 50 times its weight and five times its length.

Here’s a short video demoing the muscle:

If the muscle performs as expected, it could be used in everything from robots to human prosthetic limbs, as well as exo-skeleton machines for the military.

Individuals with damaged muscles would finally be able to function normally again, and those born without limbs and/or individuals who’ve undergone limb-removal surgeries would be able to use these muscles like they never actually lost them.

The muscle would find extreme use in countries with victims damaged by wars and natural disasters. Rather than simply restoring individual’s motor abilities with fake prosthetics, doctors could give them full-use of their limbs again.

It’s an exciting prospect for sure, and one that we hope is seen all the way through in the next decade or so.

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