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The Giant European Floating Museum

Much like our story regarding Peter Thiel’s genius idea to construct massive floating islands, a Belgian architect envisions a giant floating museum to travel Europe’s rivers.

The conceptual museum has been dubbed “Physalia”, though it is much more than a simple historical attraction. The futuristic boat will contain a museum, a nightclub, gardens, and other green design features, including extensive filtration systems and solar energy.

Vincent Callebaut, the man behind the vision, has big plans for Physalia. He expects that it will float down rivers while simultaneously making the water clean and drinkable via the ship’s filters. The boat will use its rooftop plantlife to scrub away pollution and unclean air. The hull will use a coat of titanium dioxide to absorb ultraviolet rays and decompose organic and inorganic toxins.

One of the most intriguing features of the museum ship is that it will ultimately generate more energy than it uses, which should excite prospective investors. The boat will collect solar and hydro power and transfer it to the engine to be used as a primary source of propulsion.

For tourists, the museum will house a display of aquatic ecosystems and water gardens. Submerged lounges will double as “nightclubs” and hubs of social entertainment. Callebaut hopes that his idea will become more than just a fantasy. When he came up with the ship’s schematics over a year ago, he theorized that the Physalia could help solve a global water issue.

Callebaut calls the Physalia a “nomadic hydrodynamic laboratory”, and a “fragment of living earth.” Depending on the eventual cost to build such a complex aquatic vessel, the Physalia could potentially become a reality within the decade.

The only thing Callebaut needs left is a few enterprising individuals to realize the potential global impact of the Physalia.

Whether its a venture capitalist group that funds the project, or a European government, we hope to hear of great things from the Physalia project in the near future.


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