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Ridekick Trailer Converts Any Bicycle into an E-Bike

If you’ve already got a great bike that you love, but you also want the benefits of an electric bike, a new kind of bicycle trailer might be able to give you a boost when you need it.

Converting a conventional bicycle to an electric bike isn’t simple or easy, and most of the time, people just end up buying an e-bike instead.

But with the Ridekick, any bike can become an electric bike, just by attaching the trailer to the frame of your favorite bike.

The Ridekick trailer has an electric-assist 500 W motor and 12 Amp-hour battery pack that rides behind the bike and can push the bike up to 19 mph, with up to a 25 mile range.

It includes room for a bag or pack, and is fully enclosed in a weather-resistant case that also features a lock for securing the contents.

On the plus side of this transport device, the range and speed are great for commuting by bike, and the fact that it can be attached to or detached from any bike very quickly is a big benefit. Because it’s a two-wheeled trailer, it’s said to be stable and safe both when stopped and when cornering, even with a full load.

On the negative side, it’s heavy. The lead acid battery version weighs 43 lbs, and the Li-ion version weights 38 lbs, so you don’t want to be caught on the other side of town with a dead battery and have to haul it very far to get charged. It also costs anywhere from $700 USD (lead acid model) to $1400 USD (lithium), so it’s not cheap, and in fact it might cost more than an entry-level electric bike.

Find out more at Ridekick.

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