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Chill Your Drinks With This ‘Reverse Microwave’

Oh, happy day! Someone has FINALLY created the ultimate cooler: a “reverse microwave” of sorts that can chill your drinks in roughly 45 seconds.

We’ll definitely be seeing this at tailgating parties, house raves, video game marathons, and pretty much anywhere drinks are served. Sure, you may be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that called a fridge?” No, my friend, this invention is much more magical.


Image source: www.geek.com

The gadget can cool wine, beer, and fizzy drinks without losing any carbonation. Colour us astounded. Are you a “pics or it didn’t happen” type of person? Check it:

Sure, the larger version probably won’t be landing in your basement anytime soon, but we’ll bet you’re keeping your eye on the personalized chiller, and why shouldn’t you be? Just as the microwave revolutionized the world of convenience food heating, so too will this chiller bring innovation to the rapid cool industry.


Image source: www.huffingtonpost.com

The gadget essentially gets rid of the need to own a cooler (or multiple coolers, depending on how many get-togethers you throw, you party animal). On top of it all, the chiller uses 80% less energy than many standard drink coolers. Thank you, science!


Image source: www.pandawhale.com

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